Emily Richardson

London Seizure; A two-part Screening Series curated by Carmen Billows


London Seizure

A two-part Screening Series curated by Carmen Billows

Part 1: Thursday, 23 May 2013, 6.30 – 8.30pm

Bermondsey Project
Willow Walk
London SE1 5SF


London, as with many other urban centres, functions as an ‘island of desire’ in commonplace perception, advertising freedoms in lifestyle and self-fulfilment. But, the urban dweller must compensate for these luxuries with certain sacrifices. On the one hand seduced by the allure of the urban multitude, he has to on the other hand accept the city’s pace and, often passively, a role in its systems of mediation, surveillance and control.
The origins of a certain ‘urban DISease’ very often lie beyond grasp but are instead sensed as underlying and immaterial threats to the status quo. Adaptation, or a healthy sense of disregard is needed in order to adjust to an environment of constant shifts in social politics; here is it easy to unknowingly submit to the powers at play.
London Seizure, a two-part screening programme of artists’ moving image works suggests to take a step back from this hypnotic swirl.
The artists featured in part 1, Urban DISease, use processes of close observation and contemplation to engage with their immediate surroundings. They share an interest in capturing instances of disruption in everyday social or political life and give a voice to a general sense of discomfort.
The artists featured in part 2, Extension of the Zone of Operation, take an extra interest in current housing politics and regeneration processes that endanger interpersonal links and nurture isolation and individualism.
Contextualised within institutions in two London boroughs currently strongly affected by regeneration processes, this two-part project aims to trigger an exchange of voices from a Southwark to a Hackney Wick context.

Part 1: Thursday, 23 May 2013, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Urban DISease
John Smith, The Black Tower, 24 min., 1985-87.
Piotr Krzymowski, The shape of things to come, 6,20 min., 2012.
Alexander Costello, All you need to know right now (1), 8,27 min., 2001.
Claire Hope, Boy Nature, 1,30 min, 2009.
Emily Richardson, Block, 13 min, 2009.
Mike Stubbs, Cultural Quarter, 10 min, 2003.
Steven Ball, No-Way Street, 1 min, 2007.
Hector Castells, Film, (2012), 7.13 min, 2012.
Matthias Kispert, The Funeral of Baroness Thatcher, 4,09, 2013.

Followed by a Q&A with the artists and curator

Part 2: dates and location tbc; a detailed programme will be announced shortly.