Emily Richardson

London Seizure, Part 2

London Seizure – A two-part screening series

Part 2: Extension of the Zone of Operation

at Arbeit, 30 June 2013, 6 –9 pm

Steven Ball / Rastko Novakovic, Alexander Costello, Claire Hope, Emily Richardson, John Smith, Mike Stubbs, Andrea Luka Zimmerman

The two part-film programme, London Seizure, represents a new contribution to the dialogue on the current social, economic and political climate in London. In order to contextualise the featured works, the screenings have been hosted by institutions in two separate areas of London significantly affected by regeneration processes, Bermondsey Project, Southwark and Arbeit, Hackney Wick.

The artists featured in Part 1: Urban DISease, shared the same motivation to record instances of disruption to the fabric of everyday urban life, with regard to both the quotidian and the wider socio-political agenda, giving voice to a general sense of unease.
The artists featured in this Part 2: Extension of the Zone of Operation, take a special interest in current practices governing urban land use and the hidden narratives behind market oriented housing policies. Their works engage with the recent past, insecure present and uncertain future as a tool against disappearance and forgetting.