Emily Richardson

Nocturne at Cinema Du Reel, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Night Has Many Eyes – History of the Night

at Cinema Du Reel, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Friday 21 March 20H30 Cinéma 2
Saturday 29 March 20H30 Cinéma 2

Could it be that night defies “realism”? Between electric glares and the art of lighting (both essential to film stock) and the powerful digital sensors, is night ever “documented” commensurately to our experience? From black to (overly) bright, from the beginnings of cinema to the figurative experiments of contemporary filmmakers, night escapes us, reveals itself or becomes transfigured.

Curated by Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller
Screenings presented by 
Marie-Pierre Duhamel Muller