Emily Richardson

Over the Horizon at Tulca Festival

Tulca Festival of Visual Arts 2012
Galway, Ireland
November 9th – 23rd
Curated by Gregory McCartney

Tulca 2012 is to be curated by Greg McCartney whose curatorial focus is on, in the widest sense landscape.


Whether its arrogance, over-confidence or simply complacency we tend to take our personal landscapes for granted. Until there’s a sudden seismic shift and we’re left wondering what went wrong and who exactly is to blame. Tulca 2012 will be all about landscape, progression/regression, in essence change. It is about psychological landscapes as much as the physical geography. An interest in landscape is at its heart an interest in people and how they react to transformation.


The rationale behind this year’s Tulca is a response to the current economic circumstances in Ireland and Europe and the sudden revisions this has caused. It isn’t necessarily about the current climate per se but is rather intended as a meditation on the micro and macro, how these interact and the influence one has on the other. The interest is in how artists have responded to macro shifts in society, be it social, economic or political by often focusing on the micro or individual, the seemingly insignificant but ultimately all important details.


Tulca 2012 9th-23rd November