The City and the Moving Image


The City and the Moving Image: Urban Projections.

The City and the Moving Image: Urban Projections explores the relationship between urban space, architecture and the moving image. Drawing on a range of disciplinary approaches to film and moving image practices, the book brings together contributions from scholars and practitioners working in film and cultural studies, architecture and cultural geography.

The collection is organised around four main thematic sections, each of which explores the spatial and temporal underpinnings to debates on film and urban landscapes. The trope of ‘projection’, while playing on its more immediate cinematic connotations, is also intended to convey a wider set of meanings, addressing issues and debates relating to space, place and identity; landscape, memory and absence; cartography and mapping; and architecture and urban narrativity.

The contributions address a range of moving image genres, from features and documentaries, to amateur film, actualities and promotional films. Mapping the relationship between material, visual and embodied spaces of urban representation, the book explores new and critical perspectives on film and urban landscapes.

Edited by Richard Koeck and Les Roberts
281 pages
Hard back
Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-230-24338-5