Emily Richardson

RCA – Bodies Without Organs: The Fall (programme 4) at Hackney Picturehouse

RCA – Bodies Without Organs: The Fall (programme 4)

Hackney Picturehouse

Thursday 23rd May

18.45 pm

BODIES WITHOUT ORGANS Students from the Curating Contemporary Art MA programme at the Royal College of Art present a series of screenings entitled Bodies without Organs. Taking its title from Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s idea, the ‘body without organs’, this series of four film programmes refers to sensory structures, rhythms or logics that underlie surface level appearances. The screenings will explore how the experimental camera can have a deterritorialising function that suggests worlds, forms, and meanings that are otherwise invisible. For the viewer of these films, literal bodies (people, buildings, nature) – those that we see everywhere and are part of – are destabilised and deconstructed so that they might lead their audience to consider new subjectivities and interpretations. Featuring works by John Smith, Emily Richardson and Cyprien Gaillard, this programme questions what happens when structures collapse and individual voices lose their sense of fixed locality. These films explore the potentiality of architectural frameworks (specifically those of modernist design) to encase individuals and test how traces or memories can exist beyond these ostensibly solid structures. // Blight, John Smith, 1994-6, 14mins // Block, Emily Richardson, 2005, 11mins // Desniansky Raion, Cyprien Gaillard, 2007, 30mins Curated by: Joseph Constable, Yuval Etgar, Huma Kabakci, Tarini Malik, Zsuzsanna Stánitz, Aisha Stoby, and Angelica Sule Organised in partnership with LUX, London RCA - Bodies Without Organs: The Fall (programme 4) Hackney Picturehouse Thursday 23rd May 18.45 pm