Emily Richardson

The Machine and Human Movement at Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden

Redshift is showing as part of an exhibition, The Machine and Human Movement, at Botkyrka Konsthall from the 6th – 11th March 2012.

Beginning in February 2012 Botkyrka Konsthall will be presenting a film exhibition in three parts.

Part One- The Machine and Human Movement
Part Two- The Artist Behind the Film Camera
Part Three-The Green New Wave-Nature, The City’s Safe HavenBotkyrka Konsthall is a non-profit space that works within an extended field of contemporary art. In Botkyrka art is used as a catalyst in the social structure.  Botkyrka Konsthall includes an artist’s book publishing house and an international research based studio program for artists, architects and activists. The exhibition program is activated by the project room, seminars, concerts, workshops in the Studio, guided tours, curated travels, the Häpna music festival and much more. Residence Botkyrka is a studio program for internationally active artists, architects and curators. Here different skills and experiences come together and develop at the intersection of artistic work, research, educational work, social and urban planning.
Please see
http://www.botkyrka.se/bibliotekochkultur/default/omkonsthallen and
http://www.residencebotkyrka.se/ for more information.