A short film collaboration with Margaret Howell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her design practice. MH50 looks at images and items from Margaret's personal and professional archive to identify key ideas and influences that have shaped her career as a designer.

The influence of Margaret’s early life, her parents, school life, a connection to the landscape and outdoor life can be seen through aspects of her design and in the way she has chosen to represent it. Her art school training in drawing and a particular way of looking at the world becomes apparent when she speaks about her approach. This can be seen in her drawings and the photographic campaigns where she has kept a large degree of realism and functionality in the portrayal of the clothes that has become a signature of the company. 

The film will be part of an exhibition MH50 – 50 Years of Design to be shown in Margaret Howell stores in the UK, Europe and Japan during 2020.

Directed and Produced by: Emily Richardson and Margaret Howell
Camera: Emily Richardson
Archivist at Margaret Howell: Rio Ali
Production assistant: Jonathan P. Watts
Camera Assistant: Nicola Levinsky
Sound recordist: Paul Nicolas
Editor: Lucy Harris
Graphic design: Lorenz Klingebiel and Studio Small
Music: Mira Calix
Online editor: Sue Giovanni