Over the Horizon

  2012 HD Video

Over The Horizon is a moving image installation that takes its name from the failed radar system developed on Orford Ness in Suffolk during the Cold War. The building that housed it and its aerial field are now used to broadcast the BBC World Service to Europe.

Over The Horizon revisits the site where my earlier film Cobra Mist was made and explores through photography and sound the memory of a place, the remnants of history and evidence of stories true or rumoured.

The work was installed at Snape Maltings in Suffolk for SNAP 2012 during The Aldeburgh Festival from June 8–24 June 2012 along with a photograph, Rex, 2012. http://www.snapaldeburgh.co.uk/. It was also installed at ‘Tulca 2012 What Became of the People We Used to Be’, 9–23 November, Galway, Ireland.

Over The Horizon, HD Video, 20 min, 2012
Dir/Prod: Emily Richardson
Camera: Emily Richardson
Sound Composer: Chris Watson
Made with support from Arts Council England