Kings Wood: A Context

  2005 Book

Kings Wood: A Context marks and celebrates ten years of Stour Valley Arts in Kings Wood. This small but ambitious arts organisation has commissioned artists to make work in response to the forest, delivered an extensive education programme, published artists books and collaborated with the Forestry Commission and many other organisations.



  • 95 Pages
  • Hardback
  • 224x253mm

Published by Stour Valley Arts:

Kings Wood Forest Office
TN25 4AR
T: +44 (0)1233 740040

  • edited by Liz Kent and Sandra Drew
  • texts by Jeeny Uglow, Doreen Massey, Joy Sleeman, Jeremy Theophilus, Sandra Drew and Liz Kent
  • photographs by David Barnet, Prudence Cummings, Harry Dillon, Tristram Drew, Peter Fillingham, Edwina fitzPatrick, Nicholette Goff, Maciej Plewinski, Emily Richardson, Enrico Secatore, SVA, Laura Thomas, Stephen Turner, Laurence Watts and Dylan Woolf
  • Designed by Dean Pavitt at LOUP
  • Printed in Great Britain by Dexter Graphics

ISBN 0 9535 3409 X

Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications:

70 Oxford St
M1 5NH
T: +44 (0)161 200 1503
F: +44 (0)161 200 1504

© 2005 Stour Valley Arts, the artists, the writers.

Stour Valley Arts gratefully acknowledges the support of Arts Council England, Forestry Commission, Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation in the publication of this book.