Landscape and the Moving Image


Catherine Elwes takes readers on a journey through the twin histories of landscape art and experimental moving image to reveal how they coalesce in the work of artists from the 1970s to the present day. Elwes considers ecology, gender, race, performativity, conflict, colonialism and our relationship to the nonhuman creatures with whom we share our word. The book conveys Elwes's belief that artists can provide an embodied, emotional response to landscape, which is an essential driver in the urgent task of combatting the environmental crisis we now face.

Catherine Elwes is the founding director of the Moving Image Review & Art Journal. She is a video artist and author of several books including Installation and the Moving Image.

In this book she writes about my film, Aspect, 2004 as an evocation of "the mythological role of the forest" and "a speculative model for a future ecology in which the role of humanity is to preserve, watch, listen and learn."

Landscape and the Moving Image, Catherine Elwes, 2022 Intellect Books